Students Admission

Mr. Muhammed Saleem K. Department of Commerce and management studies is the nodal officer for admission related matters and who is in charge of students facilitation services, who are seeking admissions in the college for various programmes.


The college is providing help to get various scholarship providing state, central and abroad Many students have already utilized this scholarship to enrich their academic growth..

Counselling centre

The counselling centre of MH College provides personal and vocational guidance to the students of the college. It promotes mental health of students to improve their quality of life and create a learning environment that facilitates their individual development. This centre helps the students tackle emotional, familial, psychological, social and campus related problems Counsellors help to resolve and avoid potential problems and also help students to make constructive changes. The centre thanks Asst Prof. Zainul Abid. T and Asst Prof. Nizamudheen for their dedicated services.